VMP Newsletter



What are we offering in this crisis?

We are offering free promotion and shout outs to companies across the UK during this unprecedented crisis. 2020 was meant to be our big year we had planned to expanded our operation to include yacht racing and more prominent events under the title ‘Project Twenty’, however over recent days as a team we have had to change our approach so we have changed it to ‘Project Survive’ to help small business keep afloat while as a country we tackle this crisis.

Why are we offering it?

Motorsport is a unique industry, very small and tight knit with a can-do attitude. Under the new restrictions we cannot race for a number of months and a lot of teams may succumb to the lack of income. I wanted to help the local community and bring the same can-do attitude to other industries because we are all in this together, no matter what trade or industry you work in.


BRSCC 2019 Awards Dinner

Celebrating VMP driver Morgan Quinn becoming the 2019 Rookie Champion! 

Alongside him was Ross Martin who VMP worked with at Team Dolan who became the 2019 National Champion


GRRC: 78th Members Meeting

Goodwood 78th Members Meeting takes place on 28th & 29th March 2020

Team VMP will be enjoying the historic events that take place on